Kids Get Dead 2: The Kids Get Deader (Review)



Just like I said I would, here is the new review for Michael Hall’s much-anticipated sequel to the 2009 film Kids Go To The Woods… Kids Get Dead, Kids Get Dead 2: The Kids Get Deader. The following will contain a few minor spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the first film and you are going too, please stop reading now. The film starts off exactly where the first film finished. On one side of the coin our young heroin Casey (played by Leah Rudick), is now on medication and experiencing vivid nightmares of the masked killer that massacred all of her friends and her brother Scott. Charles Carver (Steve Buja) was the author of the book that Scott was reading in the first film. Casey tracks him down hoping to find some answers, meanwhile the killer has found his way to a local house party where a new group of teens will meet their fate. The showdown between Casey and the killer is inevitable as she looks to seek retribution for her brother’s death. The film stars Lauren Maslanik, Vonka Romanoff, Ryan Curtis, Andrew Saunders, Shane Dorman, Sam Albertsen, Magan Krache and many more.


Everyone knows that I’m a massive fan of the slasher film when it’s executed well. There are several key do’s and don’ts when it comes to this genre. They involve keeping your running time down and your body count high, along with the addition of plenty of nudity and gore. Times have changed since the tame days of the 80’s and 90’s but it’s nice to see a nod at the types of films that today’s movie makers are modeling their own projects on and Kids Get Dead 2 does exactly that. “Ticks all the boxes when it comes to boobs, blood and babes”


This time around I have to say I really enjoyed the character of Peaches McNeil who hosts this sequel. I’m not sure who the actress is, as she is not listed. However, she provides some fantastic eye candy with her luscious lips (amongst other things haha). Not only that, she had some great comedic timing and a real fun nature about her. That was the aspect of the first film that I didn’t appreciate but this time around it was a blast! Once again the technical aspects are without fault, which is unheard of considering the amount of experience from this group. The opening credits are really well put together and the camera work leading into the first few shots of the film were particularly memorable and help set up what can be a great viewing experience. I like it when camera’s are moving subtly upward from people’s feet and shooting unique angles. The suspenseful score was a bit better this time around as well, not perfect but a solid backing.


A more professional cast were involved in this follow-up, the first film had actors with good chemistry but lacking consistency. I’m not sure that a lot of experience was added to the mix but everyone really seemed on point this time. The girls are all fantastic and very memorable too. The characters of Monica, Cindy and Stephanie had their own little quirks and unique style, from dress code down to mannerisms all of them were equally sassy and sexy. Played respectively by Vonka Ramonoff, Megan Krache and Lauren Maslanik (who I must say strikes quite a resemblance to a friend of mine haha). The performances of all three were really solid. Vonka reminded me a lot of a younger Ellen Page. Her wild side bought out the bitch in her but she seemed a nice girl at heart. Lauren as Stephanie was the standout, she played the innocent girl pretty well considering that when she is all done up she looks stunning and not nerdy in the slightest! All the acting, including the characters that make up the young horny male teens had that certain camp value but took it serious at all the right moments. The constant Karate Kid references were hilarious, keep an ear out for them because I don’t want to spoil the fun.


The first film had a budget of only around $10,000. I imagine this follow-up doesn’t have a lot more funding but I’m guessing a little bit. It’s leaps and bounds above any production value that I have seen in low-budget filmmaking. This looks somewhere in between 100,000- 500,000 and you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s not, everything about this just screams professional. Now you all want to know If i watch Kids Get Dead 2 will it deliver with the red stuff?? Safe to say, yes it does! and then some….

This is 90 minutes of balls to the wall blood and gore with some of the most inventive kills that will impress anyone who knows anything about slasher films and how much work goes into setting up a good gag. It has a very high-body count, stabbings, strangulation and decapitation are amongst some of the deaths, they are all unique in their own ways. I don’t want to ruin any of the surprise moments but I have to share with you one standout scene. It involves a lawnmower that will bring you as close to Peter Jackson’s “Braindead” as you could get in the last 20 plus years.


The kills are relentless, Michael delivers them at break neck speed. Filmmakers and Directors reading this, please take note. Inside the first 15 minutes it’s a must to have a couple of really fun and gory kills to kick-start the precedings, exhibit A “Kids Get Dead 2”. The longer you wait the more impatient and disinterested your audience will become. Not only are there a bucket load of kills in this one, 90 percent of them involve fantastic practical blood and gore effects. I’m going to plug Bec Fordyce (who also appears in the film at the beginning) and Rich Catino who were the key/special makeup effects artists on this film. Major props guys! If there are independent awards going out for this aspect of filmmaking, you guys both deserve them. This is hands down the best effects I have seen in a film of this budget and I watch a lot of this stuff, so well done!


I don’t have much to say from a bad perspective when it comes to Kids Get Dead 2. The points that stood out to me were all very minor compared to the first film, which I still very much enjoyed. I think changing the look of the killer for the second film worked but Michael should have kept the same actor, otherwise you might have a hard time buying the aspect of the film with Casey that was carried over from the original. The suspense during some of the action sequences didn’t quiet hit the mark. Holding back before the killer strikes is a better way to deliver the action. I wasn’t clear on the relevance of the introduction to the new characters, I suppose it’s not important though. It’s a slasher film so at some point we expect immature jocks and hot girls right?? (haha). It might have been a nice touch if somehow they were connected though. I think when it comes to Carver, the author of the book, their needed to be a scene incorporated into the film where Casey does her research and looks him up. She kind of just ends up in this dark unit where she meets him, it was all a bit rushed. Other than one small piece of mediocre CGI involving a car explosion (which I know is clearly a budget restraint issue), the rest of the bigger effects are handled perfectly.


In my opinion, Kids Get Dead 2: The Kids Get Deader is the best 80’s/90’s inspired slasher film that you’re likely to ever see for this kind of money. Michael Hall and his entire team should be the benchmark of the genre and budget. Anyone looking to make a film of this nature look no further, watch and learn. Everything you need to know is rolled into this 90 minutes of pure entertainment. I doubt I will see a slasher film this good again for a very long time, if ever. If anyone involved with the film, actors or cast want to get in touch with me you can do so through Facebook or email at, I would love the chance to write a cool little quote to use as a promotional tool. Hit me up the second a blu ray/dvd is available and ship it straight over to Australia so I can get watching again! brilliant… just brilliant

My rating for “Kids Get Dead 2: The Kids Get Deader” is 8/10

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