Junk Bonds: The Return Of Junkbucket (Review)

JunkbondsJB2Poster 11x17 signed 72dpi


I’m back again, this time with a review for the sequel to the 2008 horror/comedy film “Junkbucket”. I would like to give a big shout out to Stephen Lange for sending me a pre-screener of the film before anything has been officially released, thanks dude! His latest film tracks the ongoing efforts of Junkbucket and his freak show family who are trying their best to de-junk the entire state of Washington (haha). The film picks up 12 months after the initial events from the 2008 movie. A group of unlucky strippers and their male driver wind up at the birthday party from hell and become part of Junkbucket’s presents. Meanwhile, Cassie “Erin Stewart” who survived Junkbucket 12 months earlier, attends a will reading for one of her close friends. Questioning why she survived she realises that Junkbucket aims to keep her for himself.

The film stars Mike Christensen, Sara Coates, Nick Edwards, Ryan Higgins, Kate Jaeger, Brenda Joyner and Ryan Miller as Junkbucket, along with many other minor characters.


How cool is the poster for this film, I think it’s amazing. It’s a perfect spoof of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre poster and I can’t wait to get my hands on one. It should come as no surprise that there are a bunch of TCM references throughout the film. From characters names like Moseley, to slamming the big steel door, to the leather face stitching on the killer’s Bucket, it’s all great stuff! The marketing for the film, through hilarious narration and balls to the wall puns are probably its greatest strength. Once again the still shots and camera work in this sequel are really well established. The budget for the film was significantly increased from its predecessor with an estimated $30,000 on hand. The audio levels were nice and distinct and clear, I always appreciate that. Not that this type of film relies on dialogue to drive the story (I mean they have penises on their faces haha). I will mention again the nods to films like “Wrong Turn”, with the way a particular character runs (very much like “Three Finger”). I already mentioned “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” references.


The comedy scenes again were a little bit hit and miss. I found the opening scene with the will being read very very funny. It’s the type of thing that would never be said in a situation like that but none the less it supplies the audience with a lot of chuckles. The lovely lady lumps gag was hilarious too, if only Fergie could see the film (haha). At times the comedy goes a little too far and loses its place. I thought the acting was slightly above average, it’s all very tounge in cheek but was a big improvement on the first film. I thought the gore was a bit better too considering the higher budget, it’s a point worth mentioning. The stand out gag involved a bunch of entrails and a car battery, very fun and original! I still think there was more room for the red stuff, I’ve seen some very gory films that have been on smaller budgets, but at the same time this plays as more of a comedy.


The film isn’t without its flaws though. I think the editing was a little rushed at times and the fade in and fade out is probably overused. I didn’t like the score at all. It’s an odd one too, because these type of films normally follow the same generic themes which is what we expect to hear. I found it a little uninteresting, I’d rather have seen the score cut altogether. Some of the sexual dialogue amongst the characters comes off as rather awkward and uncomfortable as well, I suppose with a film of this nature it’s inevitable, but it just doesn’t feel natural. Other than it being 15-20 minutes too long and the disgusting nature of the plot (haha), there isn’t much really wrong with it.


Junk Bonds: The Return Of Junkbucket is a much improved effort from the first film and so it should be. Stephen uses the increased budget wisely, focusing on the important things when you’re making a low-budget indie film and that’s what I like to see. It’s pretty damn disgusting but funny (his weapon even has a penis head on it haha). It’s not something that I would watch again on my own, but with a group of friends and a few drinks it would probably be a blast! I love supporting filmmakers like Steve who just do it for the love of it. If you like obscure crazy films about cannibals that love to cut off people’s junk and sometimes eat it (haha), make sure you watch this. P.S the “pumped up kicks” song parody is hilarious so don’t turn the movie off until the credits have rolled. I wish Steve the best with the marketing/promotion and eventual release of the film, cheers mate!

My rating for “Junk Bonds: The Return Of Junkbucket” is 5.5/10

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