Backward Creep (Review) Eyes on the prize…



I was fortunate enough to catch Christopher G. Moore’s (Knob Goblins) latest micro horror short “Backward Creep” during its online run as part of the Sick n Wrong Film Festival. It opens in the aftermath of a car accident where a trio of friends discover that there’s mystery behind the unlucky soul that was on the receiving end. The film stars Brian Lee, Dany Lofgren, Vanessa Thompson, and Crystal Cleveland. I happened to catch Chris’s earlier creature feature Knob Goblins a few years back and liked what he did with that little horror tale. I saw this cool poster art going around and just happened to get lucky stumbling across this one. Running just under five minutes, there’s not a lot I can say about this one that isn’t going to spoil the fun. On the technical front, Backward Creep is even further polished than the aforementioned. Both the cinematography and lighting are very well-conceived, the latter defined with vibrant reds, pinks, and blues. Moore’s edit is seamless and the synth orientated score is a delight. The true appeal of the film rests solely on the costume design and practical fx work regarding of the Ushiro girl. Other than perhaps being guilty of being over before it really started, Backward Creep is as good of a micro-short as you’ll see around the festival traps right now, plus the payoff is well and truly worth it!

Backward Creep – 9/10