Tennessee Goblin (Review) The sympathy's in the details…



Firstly, I’d just like to start off by saying thanks to Co-Writer/Director, Rick Craft for giving me access to an online link of his latest short, the 7-minute Crime/Comedy titled “Tennessee Goblin”. It’s late at night in the suburbs and a mysterious intruder (played by Evan Bonifant) with plenty of rhythm and enthusiasm faces a moral dilemma while attempting to burgle a home owned by lonely Mike (Jordan Jones).

Craft previously made a couple of other shorts but this is his first outing co-writing with lead, Bonifant. In addition to well-conceived technical aspects like the combination of gorgeous vibrant lighting and Anthony Stivale’s slick cinematography, Andrew Bell’s energetic and tonally interesting music works wonders resulting in a good-natured little script that ends up working in big part due to the comedic timing and the look and sound of the goblin himself. The poster art and neon-soaked font initially caught my eye and got me intrigued in the film. The edit comes together nicely and the resolution is a vastly entertaining one. If I’m being nitpicky I’d say that there’s virtually no fat on this particular slice of meat – story arc is very much on the thin side and therefore somewhat diminishes the rewatchability factor. Perhaps the film may have benefited from Rick and Evan further indulging in their character’s interactions and dry wordplay. As it stands Tennessee Goblin is quite enjoyable and can be recommended to fans of Jason Kupfer’s “Invaders”. You can now officially check the film out at the link below, Enjoy!

Tennessee Goblin – 7.5/10