B22’S, 90 Feet From Home begins to take shape…

90 Feet Poster Credits

Texas-based film maker, Brett Bentman (Apocalypse Road and The Night Before) is gearing up to shoot his latest film “90 Feet From Home”, the dramatic true story of a former, troubled Major League Baseballer who returns home to confront his abusive stepfather. This is yet another bold undertaking for Bentman, who thus far has ventured into a multitude of genres and been quite successful. His resume consists of the likes of, Crime/Thrillers/Action and Western. Little is known about the details of the characters who’ll appear in his newest film, but Bentman has established a knack of assembling familiar faces who just so happen to boast plenty of talent too. 90 Feet From Home will star, Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), Dean Cain (from 90’s TV Show, Lois & Clark), Steven Michael Quezada (of TV’S Breaking Bad), The World Wrestling Federation’s very own, Shawn Michaels, as well as Thom Hallum, Adam Hampton and Alexandria Deberry. Shooting gets underway in September so be sure to keep an eye out for updates. You’ll find the directors statement below, in addition to a link to the films official IMDb page and several reviews of Brett’s previous films that have been covered here at AdamTheMovieGod.

“90 Feet From Home is really an amazing piece of work. The fact that everyone at B22 Films and Venture Capital Productions have come together to create this haunting story of abuse and redemption is nothing short of phenomenal. It’s a film that will strike each viewer in a very deep-rooted way. All of us have felt the disappointment, heartache,  acceptance, or the lack of it, that our characters go through, and to have amazingly talented people like Shawn Michaels, Dean, Eric and Steven join our crop of rock star local talent – I am proud and excited to bring this film to life.”

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