Hey film lovers, Welcome to my page!. I’m Adam Weber I reside in a small city called Adelaide in the South Of Australia. Over the last 5 or so years I got really involved in film, started collecting films and talking about them with my friends. I recently began writing a script and have become very interested in reviewing films. I hope this blog may help others out who don’t have as much time on their hands as me, by my assistance with deciphering what’s worth watching and what’s not.

So with that being said comments and feedback are much appreciated go and enjoy!!

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  1. I recently decided to read some reviews on Alpha Girls( I make it a point to try not to read reviews). I just came across the one you wrote and I wanted to take the time to thank you for your kind words.
    -Falon Joslyn

  2. Hello there. My name is Taisha Perez. My team and I are interested in your reviews, and we wanted to let you know of a thriller/horror film we are working on. The director of this film is actually one of the stars from Hazmat– Reggie Peters. We would love for you to check out the teaser and spread the word if it interests you. Thank you for your time! Looking forward to hearing back your thoughts on the teaser!

    Contact: Reggie Peters, Roy Williams Jr, Masood Ahmed and William Roebuck
    Email: mediumjusticefilm@gmail.com
    Futurehead Productions completes the teaser and Indiegogo campaign for Medium Justice
    Orlando, FL October 31, 2014 –Futurehead Productions, announces the completion of its teaser and the premiere of The Medium Justice indiegogo campaign – After another slow night at the bar, owner Larry and his favorite non tab-paying regular, Marcus (Cameron Bigelow), think their night can’t get much worse when a mysterious big spender (Reggie Peters) walks into the bar and buys drinks like there’s no tomorrow. After tonight, Larry’s shitty hole-in-the-wall bar will be known for more than its watered down 2-for-1 drink specials.
    Tentative release month is January 2015.
    You can view the teaser to Medium Justice here: https://vimeo.com/109257168
    You can view the Indiegogo campaign here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/medium-justice-sag-aftra-short-film/x/403509

  3. Hi Adam, I’m the mom of Ashlyn Jade Lopez( the little girl in the teaser for Medium Justice ) we just wanted to personally thank you for your review and support. This was Ashlyn’s first film and she is very excited about it as well as possibly getting a chance to do more films in the future. So again Thank you!

    • Hey there

      Your very welcome, Thanks for the reply and looking at my blog I really appreciate it. I’m based over in Australia but please be sure to spread my name and site around in the States because I really
      want to make a go of it in reviewing and promoting films as a business. Ashlyn is a terrific young actress, I can’t wait to see the entirety of the role if and when the full length
      feature goes ahead. I will do my best to make sure people over here know about it.

      Thanks once I again I really appreciate you taking the time to contact me.

      Kind Regards


  4. Hey there !

    I’m the president of Guts production, a small association which made shorts movies and I would like to know if you will want to make review of some of our shorts.

    Greetings from France


    • If you could send me some of the crucial information about the film I will do my best to help promote it. Thanks
      very much for checking out my site and contacting me, I really appreciate it.


  5. Dear Adam!
    Appreciate your reviews. Especially liked the one on “The Lashman!”
    Hey guys! Such a fan of the site, and so pleased to actually tell YOU about a new movie for a change!
    I made a gritty 70’s style revenge movie called “Pearl” with my wife, and we are STILL MARRIED. I can’t believe it either. We paid for it out of our pockets, we wrote it, acted in it, carried the gear, and filmed it in super-seedy locations. Seriously, we could have died. Now it’s being distributed by Indican Pictures, and we’d love for you to take a look. Press info follows, thanks for your time and for all you do for film.
    Guy Patton

    Jersey City, NJ couple Guy and Dana Patton’s self-financed microbudget action movie “Pearl” has been acquired by California distribution company Indican Pictures, and was released in North America June 9th.

    In “Pearl,” the lone survivor of a horrific home invasion mounts a violent campaign of vigilante justice. It’s a genre picture in the style of “Death Wish,” but with a female lead, Dana Patton. The award-winning movie screened at numerous film festivals before catching the eye of Cut Entertainment Group’s Jeff Cooper, who licensed the film.

    Indican Pictures, distributor of indie favorite “Boondock Saints,” will release the film internationally, beginning with North America. The movie is available on DVD through Target’s website, and on demand through iTunes, Amazon, and XBox streaming, among others.

    Guy Patton, writer/director, and Dana Patton, who played the titular character, are available for interviews. Some areas of interest:

    -How their DIY approach to filmmaking allowed them to make “Pearl” for just $15,000!

    -To avoid building expensive sets, they filmed in real-life seedy and even dangerous locations.

    -The many ways the local community came together to help get the movie made.

    -Their studies at Manhattan’s prestigious Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, and how improv prepared them for indie moviemaking.

    -Guy’s career as a contributing writer to The Onion News Network, MTV, and as a modern rock DJ.

    -Dana’s intense workout schedule to get in shape to play an action role.

    -The surprising sexism hidden in most female action roles.

    -How, while writing this movie about crime, the Patton’s became real-life crime victims.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    To schedule an interview, to request a screener, or for more information, please contact:

    Guy Patton

    View the trailer now at http://www.pearlfilm.com
    Download media kit:

    Click to access Pearl%20Press%20Kit_.pdf

  6. Hey Adam,
    Love the site! awesome that you’re reviewing short films as well. You’ve reviewed a few films I’ve screened with and I’d love to share THE BRIDGE PARTNER with you. How is best to get you a passworded link?
    We’re coming off of winning the Wes Craven Best Horror Film Award, as well as Best Horror / Suspense Film at Comic-Con Int’l Film Fest and the Audience Award at D.C. Shorts. The trailer can be viewed here: http://www.thebridgepartner.com

    Thanks much!

    • Hey Gabriel,

      Thanks so much for the positive feedback and glad you’re digging the site! Yeah I love to check out all genres and all works and the feedback I’ve been getting has been great, approaching this
      as simply a fan of all things film related, I couldn’t ask for better. I would love to check out your film, I’m about to go and look at the trailer as we speak, It bodes well already because I see you cast Robert Forster who’s such a veteran performer, he worked a couple of times with Nick Stahl (whose probably my favorite indie based actor), along with Beth Grant whose always really solid in every film she’s done too. The best way is to email me at adam.weber@bigpond.com with a Vimeo or YouTube link, whichever you prefer and we can go from there.

      Really appreciate you reaching out and tell all your film making friends about myself and the site, Chat soon Gabriel



  7. I am glad you watched “Stuck In Mute” and I never remark like this but you may be mistaken in your review. “What life circumstances may have contributed to it” is totally irrelevant for someone with selective mutism.It is an anxiety disorder almost always diagnosed by age 3 or 4 and hopefully diagnosed sooner than this age group in years to come.Unfortunately, there are no known trauma’s involved in the diagnosis to trace, could be inherited.Many more studies are needed and your interest in the movie is a godsend for more understanding of this disorder. Source”My daughter has selective mutism” Thank you for any comments.

    • Hey Betty!

      Thanks for reaching out and for checking out my review, I appreciate the readers and subscribers! I’m sorry if I haven’t fully comprehended the inner workings of the disorder and such
      I’m probably showing my ignorance about the subject matter and for that I apologize. My sister is in her final stages of a psychology degree and she deals with various disorders and what not, it’s
      obviously such a vast topic etc and you’re most definitely correct in that the more studies they can undertake the better equip they will be to help manage cases. I thank you once again for being kind
      and respectful towards me about it, being that you have a relationship with arguably the most important person in your life who is suffering from it.

  8. Hey Adam, I was just wondering if you have Twitter? If not, I think you’d be great on there sharing your posts and snippets from reviews.

    Let me know as I’d love to follow you there and talk about movies!

    Rebecca Jane | PocahontasJane

    • Wow thank you so much for the kind words! I really appreciate this kind of feedback from readers and I’m really glad you’re enjoying what I write.
      I always say I’m only one persons opinion and I just try my best to be constructive with my feedback.

      Thanks!! 🙂

  9. Good evening. I wanted to see if you would be interested in reviewing my award winning independent short horror film that is currently in film festivals. You can find more info on the film at http://www.DEFARIOUS.com which has all the social media and IMDb page links. I would love to know what you think of the film! I hope you have a great week!

  10. Hey Adam, been reading our reviews and I love your critiques. I noticed you reviewed a film entitled “Apocalypse Road”. My fellow producer and frequent collaborator Tom Zembrod acted in that film along with another friend Todd Jenkins. Great review. I have recently finished a science fiction feature film “CRONUS” that I would absolutely love to get your thoughts on. It’s a low budget film made in Texas. I can send you a link to the trailer to see if you’d be interested in giving us your thoughts.
    Thank you for your time. Love the reviews. Keep ’em coming, please.

    Derek Presley
    writer/director CRONUS

    • Hey Derek!

      First of all, thanks for reaching out. I’m glad to see people are enjoying the reviews and hopefully what should be coming across as constructive feedback for all involved in any given film. Apocalypse Road
      was really a fantastic entry into the Post apocalyptic sub-genre (probably close to the best I’ve seen). I’d be more than happy to check out the trailer for your new film and give you my thoughts. There’s
      some really good stuff coming out of Texas (a place I love by the way… or what I saw of it when traveling through last year). Feel free to send the link through and there’s plenty more reviews on the way!

      Thanks again


      • Sounds great, Adam. I’ll email you the link to both the trailer and the link to the film.
        Funny enough, one of my things to do on my bucket list is to go to Australia.
        I’ll be doing that soon enough!

        Thanks and I hope you enjoy it.

        Derek Presley

  11. Hey Adam,

    Got here via your Zombeavers review.

    My name is Matt Frame, director of ‘Camp Death III in 2D!’

    It’s a Canadian comedy/horror parody of 1983’s ‘Friday the 13th Part III 3D.’

    She’s hugely moronic (and not for the easily offended) but damn fun.

    She’s been accepted to the following festivals:

    Nightmares Film Fest (Columbus)
    Requiem Fear Fest (Montreal)
    Sin City Horror Fest (Las Vegas)
    Cinematic Panic (Memphis)
    + more to come.

    The trailer link is below.

    If you dig it then email us for a link/password for your own screener.

    We’d love you to review it but we’re equally happy to just have horror fans check her out.

    Matt Frame.

  12. Hey Adam, just discovered your page when searching for details about ‘Here There Be Monsters’ on IMDB, and was directed to your review. Great to find a site that covers unreleased monster movies!

    Not sure whether you might be interested, but last year our small crew from Wales produced a 32 minute horror comedy titled ‘Hard To Kill’- inspired by the likes of Critters and Evil Dead. We’d love to get your thoughts on the film if possible. Here’s a link to our teaser trailer, and it would be terrific to hear from you via the Contact page on my website at http://www.jamesilesstudio.com

    Keep up the great work, I’ll be checking out your new reviews often!

    All the Best,

    James Iles

    • Hey James! thanks so much for the kind words and the vote of confidence on the website. Yes, Here There Be Monsters was fantastic! I’d be happy to check out your content. When I get a minute I’ll drop you a line on the site. Thanks for the interest, feel free to subscribe and keep up to date. Thanks!! 🙂

  13. Hey Adam! I came across one of your reviews recently, which lead me to your website. I’ve recently finished a horror short that is still in the festival circuit, but would love to hear what you think of it. I’ll link the trailer, and if you’re interested in a private link, I’m happy to email it over. Cheers! https://youtu.be/oFvO690CmEU

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