Polaroid Short Now Available for viewing online!

Polaroid is a new micro short (just 3 minutes long) of the Horror/Thriller persuasion. Written and Directed by Joey Greene, this little chiller sees a mysterious figure that goes flash in the night. Alex (played by Ethan Mikael) breaks out his old Polaroid camera for use one night and quickly discovers he’s not alone in his apartment. The film also stars Kevin Michael Shiley. No two ways about it, Greene’s quickie is downright creepy, especially the jump scare. Paul Houston’s simple cinematography, clean foley and rumbling low-end score are all evidence of the professionalism on display. The only minor issues is Alex lacks any real sense of urgency regarding the situation. Polaroid is certainly a must see for Horror fans. You can watch the short at the link below, I recommend lights out and sound up. Enjoy!