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It was about a year ago that writer/director Lowell Dean released his film “13 Eerie”, a cool zombie facility flick with a modest budget that had a bunch of solid indie film actors such as Katherine Isabelle (American Mary), Brendan Fehr (Adopting Terror), Brendan Fletcher (Rampage) and of course Jesse Moss (Tucker and Dale vs Evil). Lowell is back this year with his brand new werewolf horror/comedy film “WolfCop”. Before I go any further I would like to say a very quick thankyou to Sandra Kusba, she’s the head of the PR team for this film. She sent me a digital screener allowing me to view the film before its official release and I really appreciate it. Anyways onto the film….


WolfCop is a story about Lou Garou (played by Leo Fafard), a small time cop struggling with a drinking problem which affects his work. Plain and simply he just isn’t very good at his job. After a series of strange complaints and some grisly murders Lou discovers that he may have been turned into a werewolf as part of some sinister plan involving the townspeople. Willie (Jonathon Cherry,”Final Destination 2″) is Lou’s only real friend, so the two decide to band together to uncover the mysterious deaths (including Lou’s dad) that have plagued the town for many years. The film also stars Amy Matysio (Sleepwalking and Chained), as Tina, the only real police officer in the town (haha). Along with the stunning Sarah Lind (Edgemont Series and Severed). Aidan Devine, Corinne Conley and Jesse Moss (whom Lowell previously worked with) make appearances too.


It’s been a long time since anyone has had a new spin on the Werewolf genre. I haven’t seen anything close since that film “Cursed”, up until now that is . This film has a cool and quirky concept that brings something fresh to the genre. The retro poster and artwork for the film definitely peaked my curiosity. This has such a professional production value look to it, once again Dean excels at all the fundamentals. It’s a very quick paced film, the running time just 75 minutes. The stylised editing and rapid scene transitions were as good as anything I have seen given the modest budget of this (which I believe is a lot less than his previous film). The audio and camera work are both executed well and consistent throughout the entire film as well.


The acting from everybody involved is a lot better than most projects of this nature and budget. The success of the film rests on Leo as the WolfCop though. I can safely say that the crew made the correct casting choice because Leo is great. He already has the hairy look and stocky build going for him, add some of the looks he pulls off and you’ve got yourself a winner. Jonathon Cherry is a great addition and provides a lot of the humour with his performance as Willie (not to far removed from his role in FD2). A semi crazy and paranoid man willing to help Lou uncover the truth. He delivers some fun and dry comedy in places where it’s needed. Lastly, the eye candy comes in the form of the gorgeous Sarah Lind. I remember seeing her in a few bits and pieces but not a role as diverse as this one. Think of Megan Fox meets Camilla Luddington with a little Ashley Judd on top and that’s Sarah for you. Not only does she looks unbelievably beautiful (kind of think I’m in love… haha), but she manages to be as convincing as the other secondary characters.


The back story involving the town was sufficient enough for what the story needed and the comedy works in majority of the scenes. There were one or two moments where it went a little Reno 911 overboard and I thought that wasn’t overly realistic but given the story is about a wolfcop, I can probably forgive it (haha). The sound effects and quality of blood and gore really added to the experience too. A couple of really cool practical gags were used that would have been time and money efficient but still managed to look good. I think the choice to use a suit and practical makeup for the wolf was the correct one. Unless you have a big budget and a lot of time, digital effects won’t give you the same look and effect that you might be going for if you do it practically.


I already touched on the unprofessional nature of the cops in one of the scenes that takes place in the restroom of the bar. Other than that there was only one other scene involving some very questionable “love-making” which I thought was just a little too stupid, but it was to set up the following scene. I think they could have found a different way to join the two scenes together though. Lou’s reactions to some of his wounds were also pretty unrealistic. He wouldn’t have to look in order to find something on his body, he would have immediately felt it when he’s moving around. Combine that with the fact that he never panics and seems totally normal about the whole becoming a werewolf thing (haha), I would have probably incorporated at least one freak out scene, because most of us would have that moment. The action sequences involving guns and the look of the shooting mixed with the sound effects was a little bit lame. It reminded me of one of the super low-budget Syfy channel creature feature films. A little bit more time and effort could have been spent on that just to tidy it up.


What can I say WolfCop’s got it all. Shapeshifters, a sexy bartender, a gang of hunters and of course the one and only Wolfcop. It’s a technically flawless and super entertaining film that plays out a little like Harry from “Harry and the Henderson’s” mixed with “Super Troopers” add some good action and gore, it’s ready to serve. It’s even got its own cool theme song performed by Evil Ebenezer and Factor! I just watched Sharknado 2 but I say forget Sharknado because WolfCop steals the show…. I mean “It was a big fucking WolfCop” haha! love that line. Keep your eyes peeled for this indie gem and here’s hoping for a sequel. It’s about to get hairy 😉


My rating for “WolfCop” is 7.5/10

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