Foresight: Killer Instinct (Review)



First of all, I want to say thankyou to Duncan Cunningham, director of low-budget Aussie film “Foresight: Killer Instinct” for sending me an online screener of the film. The film is about a local psychic who is attacked in his home by corrupt detectives. His wife is killed and he is left for dead. Later he returns to exact revenge on all those who were involved. The film stars Duncan and Martin Cunningham and several others who are new to the business. This reminded me very much of two other low-budget troma films called “Fathers Day” and “Dear God No!”, this has that same grindhouse rough around the edges kind of feel to it.

Well what can I say about this. It really is just 90 minutes of pure randomness, it really doesn’t have much of a story. I suppose the revenge aspect is the main attraction for anyone wanting to watch this. For starters, the camera work is appalling. The opening scene is kind of in slow motion but static with heaps of shaking. Sadly it doesn’t get much better as it progresses with mostly up close camera work that makes you feel dizzy. Every time our main character has a psychic experience the camera goes berserk. There is absolute non stop profanity, which I don’t normally have an issue with if it’s in the context of the story. The mindset for the language in this was, lets just throw in as many f and c bombs as possible, it’s a bit classless and tacky even for a film of this nature. The performances and sounds of the actors voices were painfully over the top and really forced. To be fair, I think that was done on purpose but it doesn’t make for good viewing. All the lighting looks really dark and the colors appear to be washed out in several scenes. The editing leaves nothing to be desired either. There are way to many scenes of horrible random flashing imagery throughout the first half of the film, I can only assume they were supposed to be psychic experiences.

Moreover, none of the characters are likeable or portrayed with any type of realism. The way the cops talk is just too ridiculous to ever be believed. There are issues galore with the film, I won’t go into anymore details about it. I will say that I love the movie poster and artwork. I also think the audio is pretty clear, an important aspect in low-budget film making. I thought there were also a few good moments of genuine Aussie humour too. Generally I’m all for grindhouse and sleazy style filmmaking but an Australian version of something that American’s do best, was always going to be doomed from the start.

Once again, I want to show my gratitude by saying thanks to Duncan for sending me the screener of the film. Die hard low-budget sleaze fans might get something out of this that I couldn’t. Hopefully I get the chance to see a new and fresh idea from Duncan in the future, Sorry mate!

My rating for “Foresight: Killer Instinct” is 1/10

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